The Best Waxing Team in the Valley

Aura Salon & Day Spa’s focus is to provide professional, relaxing, painless hair removal experience at unbelievable prices.  Step into our serene spa and unwind to the soothing music, or if you prefer, bring your own iPod and listen to your favorite music while we gently and effectively remove all your unwanted hair.

Unlimited Year Pass

Now you can enjoy convenience and save money.  It is simple, just purchase an unlimited year pass and wax as often as you would like throughout the year.


What does Aura’s Wax team offer?

  • The best waxing team in the valley.
  • We only use the best waxing product available.
  • We never recycle our wax.
  • You will leave completely satisfied.



Complimentary eyebrow wax with your first hair service at Aura Salon & Day Spa.
FaceSingle Yearly
Eyebrow Shaping (design, shaping, tweezing, trimming)19 thru 25286
Lip10 thru 16169
Lip Add On 565
Chin (includes lower lip & full chin)10 thru 16169
Nose10 thru 16169
Sideburn12 thru 18195
Cheeks12 thru 18195
Front of Neck12 thru 18195
Full Face (includes everything listed above)49 thru 55676
Ears12 thru 18195
Back of Neck12 thru 18195
BodySingle Yearly
Bikini (includes top)27 thru 33390
French Bikini (narrow strip down the center, includes top)35 thru 41494
Brazilian Bikini (little patch or take it all off. includes top and backside)45 thru 51624
Underarm20 thru 26299
Hands (includes fingers)12 thru 18195
Half Arms (includes both arms and hands)37 thru 43520
Full Arms (includes both arms, shoulders and hands)43 thru 49598
Toes (includes top of foot)12 thru 18195
Half Legs (includes both legs, knees and toes)37 thru 43520
Full Legs (includes both legs, knees, feet and toes72 thru 78975
Chest (includes shoulders and upper arms)30 thru 36429
Stomach29 thru 35416
Full Back (includes full back, sides, shoulders and upper arms)45 thru 51624
Half Back (includes shoulders and upper arms)27 thru 33390
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